Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Most Bad-Ass Fathers Day Gift Ever

It finally happened. My dad got a big 32" flatscreen HD tv. No more superbowl with crappy tiny tv! Yay!

In other news, I am out of shape but working on it. Need to be back to normal before camp. ~24 days. Holy crap.

To close it out, I shall attend the Hulk tonight with Zeb. We are expecting great things, since Ironman rocked and we sort of like Edward Norton. Even if he is kind of evil, he is a good actor even in evil roles. Be nice to see him in a not quite evil role.

Finally, I still suck at doing laundry. It's not so much the labor part, just the spreading it out over so long. I'm slightly ADD (a caffeine addiction does that to you) so I usually move on after a load or two and forget.

Yay for blurbs?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So I have gone to see far too many movies lately due to the fact that a lot of my friends like movies, and i am a sucker for hanging out in any forum. Here's a list:

The Other Boleyn Girl:
Ryan's Grade: C-
Why: Somewhat historically based, it still is basically a dark soap opera with some solid acting. The simple fact that I like natalie portman bumped it up from a D. Not really worth watching unless dramatic love stories that end with a beheading are your thing.

Horton Hears a Who:
Ryan's Grade: B+
Why: Good message, some hilarious characters (Vlad!) and it's an actually clean Jim Carrey movie. Wow, right? You can't go too wrong with Steve Carrell. I love that guy. It is a little predictable and kind of kid-oriented though.

What Happens In Vegas:
Ryan's Grade: B-
Why: Enough sort-of crude jokes to salvage what could have been an otherwise really corny love story thing. It's a bit different, but guy still gets girl despite differences. Kind of funny but in a more juvenile way. I liked it, and the ending almost made me cry. Then I punched myself in the crotch and manned up.

Made of Honor:
Ryan's Grade: C
Why: Patrick Dempsey pisses me off. Anyone who sleeps around for years then suddenly falls in love with their best girl friend and tries to break up her wedding DOES NOT DESERVE TO WIN THE GIRL. Period. A-holes need to finish last, or nice guys will cry alot more in movie theatres. Kind of funny, but not really unique. Dollar theater or rental, and only if you're REALLY bored. I give it a solid 'meh' rating.

Ryan's Grade: A+
Why: I might be biased. Ironman was never really my super-hero dude, but I was aware of him, and how cool is a rich dude with flying armor, really? I went to see it because the trailer was cool, and I went to see it again because it is AWESOME. Obviously more of a guy movie, but a lot of girls I know liked it too. I vote movie of the year.

Prince Caspian:
Ryan's Grade: B
Why: A solid movie, but really not something I'd go see again. Not bad, not great. I could care less about whether or not it followed the books directly, so no real opinion there. Worth seeing, but not worth raving about really.

Indiana Jones and the Faggy Aliens from Other Movies:
Ryan's Grade: B (for the first hour), C- (For everything after that)
Why: Good lord. It starts strong, then Spielberg forgot what set he was on and made a Close Encounters of the Nth Kind sequel by accident. Boooooo.

Kung-Fu Panda:
Ryan's Grade: A+
Why: Jack Black is FUNNY. A mite predictable, it's still odd enough to make you laugh out loud repeatedly, and the references to innumerable kung-fu movies of the past and anime styles are hilarious. A good time, to be sure, but slightly scarier than younger kids can stomach. I laughed so hard I cried. Twice.

Don't Mess With The Zohan:
Ryan's Grade: F
Why: Funny, but you feel dirty for laughing. There are approximately 427 penis jokes in the movie, and several dozen other sex jokes. Also, Adam Sandler Mostly Naked. That alone is a D rating. Ew ew ew.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Spokane Kinda Sucks

Nothing personal, Washingtonites. But Spokane has really no appeal. It looks like Nampa and Portland got squished together.

Tons of kinda cool ancient brick buildings. Like, ridiculous amounts of brick buildings.

We did go to a very good restaurant, the Onion, in downtown Spokane. It's been there 40 years, and is like a homegrown Red Robin. Hand-made everything, but EXCELLENT flavor. Best food I've had in a while.

Aside from that, not much new on this end. More eventually.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So, I'm back after nearly a solid year of absence, hasn't it been?

Good times.

However, I now am on Ubuntu with a hand blog updating widget thing so I don't have to actually log into blogger. Color me lazy.

Here's to Linux.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

about halfway through

hey all

nearly halfway through training, and through my wiles i have gained access to a computer, albeit briefly, so i got on to say hi.

much news to report, but little time to do so, so i will have to do a big post on it all when i get back.

suffice to say...machine guns, obstacle courses, peanut butter pies, and dead fish. oh, and maple syrup.

it has been interesting.

about 19 days left here. 1 prep day, five 2-day missions, 6 days at Fort Knox, and 2 days of R&R at the end of it all. it will be hectic, so pray for me if you think of it. it's been fun, but i am ready to be done. quite a workout, i say so myself.

and for the record, ipods are MADE for solitude in crowded barracks, and blackberries are a lifesaver when you can't have computers and your cell phone can't make calls, but you can check your email.

i am off, later. august 4th i will return home.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

west point and other news

so i am off to west point tomorrow morning. odds are i will not have computer access for around 6 weeks, so my sporadic blogging will be even less sporadic and more dead.

for those who were wondering, no, i did *not* actually get a russian girl. geez people...does it have to be april fools to be funny? hehe.

oh, and while i am at west point i will have access to my gmail account... graybandit(at) feel free to email me and say hi, i can read it and maybe respond briefly. phones suck for typing purposes. no forwards please.

not much else going on. so i shall go finish preparing.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

so this one time...

if you get bored on a lazy sunday, and talk to a friend about the lack of girls who like you, sometimes you end up signing up for a russian mail order bride service.

yep, i did.

and i know what you're thinking. no worries, i didn't get one yet. i got camp for 6 weeks at least, first, so no need to rush things.


she is pretty, and likes disco music. score.